Cyber Security Awareness for Business

  • SecuRight consultants has worked with leading industry service providers to develop Cyber Security Awareness programs to help your staff understand cyber threats/attacks and how to protect business data, customer information and reputation.
  • Our training programs are not solution focussed. It’s about people and culture of an organisation. We use real life examples in our training modules, to enhance the information security culture of the organisation.
  • We can assist with development and update of security policies, standards, guidelines and baselines to support your awareness program.

Cyber Security Awareness for Schools

  • Cyber security is now a major concern for schools since we have started seeing prestigious independent schools having the personal data of their students leaked online, thus failing to comply with Privacy Act.
  • Our programs are designed for school students. Training programs focus on the current issue of cyber crime in online world and raise awareness about the importance of staying safe online at school and at home.
  • Our Cyber Security courses will not just help the kids to stay safe online but also prepare them for a future career in Information Security.