Internet of Things (IoT)

  • At SecuRight we believe that companies should play an important role in disrupting technologies such as IoT & Identity, by proposing solutions that foster innovation and harness advanced technologies to more effectively disrupt this trade.
  • We provide you the ability to Protect customer data and IoT Devices from malware, DDoS, Phishing, botnets, and other attacks with best in class Threat Intelligence service.
  • We provide you the ability to spot anomalies and vulnerabilities in near real-time and take immediate action using our security monitoring and threat intelligence service specifically designed for IoT devices.
  • We provide you the ability to perform Identity and Device analysis from the data collected and detect anomalous behaviors, and Identify potential fraudulent user or a connected Device, etc.


  • Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) service provides controls for assured identities and access management. This includes people, processes, and systems that are used to manage access to enterprise resources by assuring the identity of an entity is verified and is granted the correct level of access based on this assured identity.
  • We can build Identity analytics platform which provides you visual dashboards and data visualisation tools that expose identity, users and the data from connected devices in a business-friendly manner.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiatives have traditionally required multi-year implementations but at SecuRight, lengthy IAM deployments are unacceptable. Out aim is to deploy agile IAM technologies that deliver business value within 12 months or less.